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Occassionally an adult Coton needs to be re-homed for one or more reasons. We will use this page to list available Adult Cotons that are in need of rehoming.


Adult Cotons Currently in need of Loving Forever Homes


March 2017




Status: ADOPTED!


Female Coton (Pearl)
Age 5 years old
House and crate trained
Loving and affectionate
Health is good, all required testing done before breeding
Gets along well with males, not so much with females
$625 (25% of what we ask for our puppies)

Contact Marilyn Gadberry at











December 2015



Coton puppy needs home

Status: ADOPTED!


Hello our doggie friends! We have a 10-month-old Coton puppy, Meg of Bear Manor (named after the book character in Little Women), that is looking for her forever home. She is daughter to Uma of Bear Manor and Cedarwoods Orion at Bear Manor. Meg is registered with the ACC and has been spayed. She is microchipped and up to date on all her vaccines.


Her story: Meg was sold to a family in New York state when she was 3 months old - she was a happy, healthy and playful puppy. The family had two daughters, 8 and 11 years of age. The mother had owned a Coton in the past (who had died of old age), and now wanted Meg. A perfect family for Meg, we thought. Meg was happy the first month or two. She was loved by the daughters and mom. Meg followed the mom all around and slept with her in bed. The husband traveled. After two months into this family, Meg became frightened of other dogs and started to bark at all strangers. The family spayed her at six months of age. They trained her, but she barked continuously when walking on a leash outside. As the owners did not want Meg peeing or pooping inside, this made it a bit hard for them, having to take her out several times a day. They did have a fenced in area, but Meg could see the dog next door, and wanted to attack him each time.


Finally, at around seven months of age, the mother contacted us and told us for the first time about all these bad behaviors. She said that she was considering returning the dog. We talked with her and walked her through techniques to use to help Meg adjust. Take it slowly. Keep her calm and focused on you. Limit distractions until she is calm. Teach her to use a pee pad (which Meg already knew when she was a pup in our house). Be the protector and leader. Give her positive rewards when calm. Be patient and let her grow up and get through this fear phase.


After a month or more, the owner said she could not do this, and elected to return the dog. We flew to NY and received Meg when she was nine months old. When we brought Meg back to her natal home, she recognized us, her mom Uma, her dad Orion, and integrated back into our pack. Orion was particularly happy to have a young one to chase around the yard!

See our YouTube videos of them here.


We learned only then (AFTER we took Meg back) that five days after getting Meg, the husband said that he was leaving his wife and daughters. And at the time when we picked Meg up that the husband and wife were officially getting a divorce. Additionally, it turns out that they had another dog in the house, that Meg played with and lived with! The mother told us that she was sorry for not telling us this tragic family news, and that she had been trying to deal with the divorce, kids, dogs, and new life and was very stressed out. It seems like Meg had picked up on all the mothers stress, and was trying to release it in the best way she could - by barking at people and dogs.


Meg is currently a happy, calm dog indoors. She loves to run and chase her dad, Orion, in our huge fenced-in yard. She welcomes strangers as they come into our home. She hesitates a bit, but as Orion happily approaches them, so does Meg. When Meg is walked outside (with harness and 6-foot leash), she is on constant alert and barks at almost anything. I keep her right by my side and coax her in a calm and happy voice to heal and pay attention to me. She does walk with me, and over time, I think would get to a tolerable level. I know as our own dogs have grown up, they now walk on leash with little or no barking at other dogs or strangers - but I have seen this kind of action by young ones in the past. So I have hope that Meg will get more confident and calm with a patient person and one who really keeps her indoors most of the time (or in a fenced in yard at home).


Meg is not a dog for someone who wants a normal, calm Coton with no work. She will require some work and commitment by her new owners. She is VERY sweet and quiet indoors - follows us around, watches TV on the couch with us, sleeps in our bed. She is on a raw food diet and is very healthy. She did fairly well at Thanksgiving when we took her to a chaotic family gathering with many adults and four young children (ages 3 to 6) - she did have to be in a separate room, as we brought in one child at a time to sit on floor with her. The kids loved her. She did not like the other dogs at the gathering, though, and could not be put with them.


Meg would be best in a family with older aged children or no children at home, with no other dogs (or maybe one that was so calm it could mentor her and give her someone to play with), and people who had the time to be with her (work from home or such), and who did not mind pee pads in their house (in one area that was Megs room when you go out for errands, etc.). Meg easily goes potty outside in fenced yard (if weather permits), and holds it all night, and knows pee pads indoors. She cuddles and wants to be with you all the time, but is okay on her own if we go out too for a while. She would need work and patience to introduce to family members and people coming into your home, and to walk on leash over time.


There is no adoption fee for Meg - only a requirement to pick her up in person, and to keep in contact with us of your progress. We want Meg to find a happy forever home and family! If you are interested in Meg, please contact us at info below. Thank you!


Thank you,
Gail & Nevin Lash
Bear Manor Cotons









December 2015


NIA - a special needs puppy

Coton puppy needs home



Nia has special needs and is still searching for her forever home. I have had some excellent inquiries however not from the person she is meant to be with for the rest of her life. I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions people have about Nia. If you would like more information please send me an email at or call 970-858-2059. Serious inquiries are very welcomed.


1. Nia is 6 months old now and is normal in every way except for her incontinence. She is a confident female Coton personality.
2. She does not have control nor feel her urinary or bowel needs.
3. There is no specific diagnosis. We seem to have stumped the vets and further testing may be done when she is older. She has no other health issues.
4. Nia is in Colorado and can be picked up here.
5. I am not only looking for a home that can handle her incontinence but also looking for someone who truly "wants" her.
6. Her new home will need a securely fenced yard, have proper flooring and have lots of time to spend with a Coton who is afterall a companion breed.


Thank you
Kris Forke
Edelweiss Cotons












July 2015



Adult Coton needs home

Status: ADOPTED!


Maddie is our sweet 2 year old (born May 2013) Coton that we love very much. Due to family living changes we can no longer be home full-time to take care of her and want to place her in a loving home where she is not left alone, except for brief periods. She has recently developed separation anxiety and needs a home with an owner who is patient and willing to help her get over her anxiety which has only developed in the last two months. Her breeder, Laura Esau of Glen Meadow Cotons, has recently passed away so we cannot take her back to her original home.



We keep Maddie in a puppy cut. She is all white with champagne on her left ear and a champagne band on her tail that ear is especially cute! She weighs 12 pounds is healthy, spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on all her shots. We have worked with a trainer (using all positive reinforcement) and she is a sweetie--very well behaved. Maddie sits, lays down, stays, comes, is good on a leash, knows off, jumps through a hoop, and does not bark a lot but when she does she responds well to quiet. Maddie always goes potty easily outside, is smart and loves to eat so she was easy to train using treats.


I never thought we would have to give her up and we are heartbroken but know that this is the best plan for her long-term. She needs a home where she has someone in it full-time, this is why we are rehoming her. Another small, non-aggressive dog would also be good for her since she stayed with her breeder until she was almost a year old and played with all the puppies. At the time we were looking for a dog that was not a young pup and she was perfect.


Maddie has been lovingly cared for, she is mild mannered and is a joy to hang out with. I am committed to finding the right Forever Home for her. If you are interested in her you will be asked to fill out the same questionnaire we filled out with the breeder.


Below are the requirements to be a viable applicant for adoption of Maddie. If you feel that you are a good fit, then email me and I will contact you to discuss further and establish mutual interest.


1. Must be willing to NOT leave her alone until she has gotten over her separation anxiety and then only for short times.
2. MUST be willing to pick her up. We will not ship her because she does not like her crate right now and would be terrified. We live in Phoenix, Arizona.
3. Children are fine but needs a home that is calm and without a lot of loud noises as she is a gentle soul.
4. Must be a fully fenced in yard. Maddie loves to be off leash when possible to hunt in the yard; however, she still needs to be walked twice every day.
5. Must have experience with dogs. She needs a strong but gentle human.


I am asking for a small adoption fee of $500, half of which will be donated to the ACC for the work they do in protecting this wonderful breed. If you feel you meet the requirements, please email me, Catherine Ross, at


Thank you,
Catherine Ross
Phoenix, Arizona







February 2015



Adult Coton needs home

Status: ADOPTED!


Our sweet girl Zola (Ardsley Cotons My Sweet Clementine) who we love very much, is three years old (born December 2011) and was returned to us after the family that had her left her alone all day in their apartment.


She is pure white with some champagne on the ears and weighs 11 pounds. Spayed and microchipped. You can see her darling face in the photo taken recently. While we love having her here, we feel the time is right for her to have Forever Parents that love her.


Needless to say we were devastated that the placement did not work out with her first family that she went to as a baby. But it was not the place for her. She had developed fear issues and barking. Also fear biting at anyone who ran away from her. She would chase them.


We have worked with her on this and she is much calmer and more relaxed now.  She is sweet and loving and LOVES sleeping on the bed at night. She gives kisses and knows commands. A gentle, loving soul. Velcro Princess. Wherever you are, she will be, sitting at your feet or next to you on the sofa. She is good on a leash, but might have fears of strange dogs. Depends on the look of the dog.


Now that she has gotten older and is an adult now means it is time for her to go to a new Forever Home with human parents that love her as much as we do. We will miss her a lot, but what matters most is that she have a wonderful life with a family that adores her as much as we do here at Ardsley Cotons.


These are the requirements we put in place in order for someone to be a viable applicant for Zola. If, after reading them, you feel that you fit, then email us and we will send an application to you to start the process. If you do not meet the parameters, please do not apply.


1. MUST be in the NY Metro Area. Which is NJ, Long Island, Western CT, and NY (NOT Manhattan). No apartments. Possibly go as far as Western MA. But we do not want her far away from us.
2. At least one adult must be home full-time. She is not good at being left alone.
3. No children of any age, unless they are older teenagers because she is not good with groups of children.
4. Can have another dog in the house as long as it is spayed/neutered. Would be great if it was another Coton as she is used to playing with Cotons.
5. Must be a fully fenced in yard. Zola LOVES to run free and she runs very fast, playing chase me with her Ardsley Coton family. Invisible fencing is not acceptable. Must be solid fencing.
6. Must have experience with dogs and training. She needs a strong alpha human.

She is not free of charge. There is an adoption fee that will discuss with potential families as part of the adoption process. If you feel you meet the requirements, please email me, Diane Naito, at and we can start the process.


Thank you,
Diane Naito
Ardsley Cotons
Ardsley, New York 10502







May 2014



Adult Coton needs home

Status: ADOPTED!


Harry was born in 2007. He is a sweet extremely laid back dog. Think meditation not marathon for his energy level. He likes cats and kids but again a sniff and lick is about all and plays very gently.


Being such gentle soul Harry does well with firm commands. He likes to have an open crate to retreat to and take his naps in. His expressive eyes make him seem so innocent but don't let that fool you. Harry is highly inventive and can fake a limp if he doesn't want to go on a walk. Harry is also a 'talker'. He will 'talk' to other pets at the vet, strangers at Lowes and 'tell' you the hazards of going out in the rain if it is time for that walk.


If you would like to know more about Harry please contact Karen.


Thank you,
Karen Carpenter
First State Cotons
Bear, Delaware 19701
phone: 610-368-4968














Adult Coton needs home

Status: ADOPTED!!


Hello our doggie friends, I am putting the word out there for a new home for Alonso of Bear Manor - eight years old. He is full sibling to our Ariel of Bear Manor (son & daughter of Rosalind of Bear Manor & Pili Pili of Goor). Rosalind is from Fonzy of Savikko and our Samantha of Bear Manor.


He's had a hard life, and yet a loving life too. When he was a pup, he and his sister, Miranda, were sold to a couple with a 7-year old daughter, as her pups. Of course we knew the parents would have to raise them - but we learned from this never to sell two pups to the same household at one time - and not with young children. The pups must have been "tormented" (not respected) by the child and friends, as the parents put spray collars on the pups so they'd get sprayed every time they barked. Long and short - the pups started biting the kids, and we took both puppies back.


The short story is that Miranda ended up here in Atlanta with an adult couple, and became the sweetest dog you ever saw - friends to everyone. She lived a great life. Several years later, Miranda got ill and died after her owner (the husband) passed - she just wanted to be with him. The wife now has a rescue male Coton, and is happy with him.


Alonso was taken in by a couple in Virginia (now live in Florida), and lived with a beagle female, who passed last year at 14. He has been with this couple for almost 7 years. Alonso was trained and did okay for a while, but then got very protective of the husband (bonded very closely to the man), and proceeded to bite the wife and friends when he was startled. They don't know how to handle him confidently (they admit this), and Alonso will be good for a while, then he will growl or try to bite - unpredictably for the owners. The owners are concerned about their new grandkids coming to play - they have not let Alonso be with the kids, and would rather find another home for him.


So, we are taking Alonso back. I remember that he was the sweetest pup and I cried sadly when he left our home many years ago. We cannot keep him here for long, as we have five dogs, including a young male. Peace in our household is key, and we need to find a willing person or family who would want to be the Leaders of the Pack for Alonso - which I think has been lacking in his time with this couple.


We are planning on working with a dog training company (Frogs to Dogs) here in Atlanta to get Alonso into some more training, so that there is a set procedure on how to have him to stay calm and reliable, so that we can place him in the loving home best for him. We are also taking him to our holistic veterinarian who is an osteopath & homeopath, to remove any grief, vaccine imprints, etc that he may have in his body. He will arrive at our home tomorrow (Feb 6th).


If you know of a likely home, that could 1) give him lots of love & affection, 2) be in charge as Leaders and give him consistent discipline, and 3) would have the time & patience to be with him, continue walks and training with him, then please let us know. Like his sister, Miranda, I think when he gets out of this situation and has a true Leader around him, will be a great dog for a person or couple. He is a cuddly Coton, after all. Photo above is as a 2 year old.


Thank you,
Gail & Nevin Lash