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Coton Grooming Book


Coton de Tuléar Grooming Book

The American Coton Club is proud to offer the new Coton Grooming book to owners in the United States and Canada!!


The book for ALL owners of Coton de Tuléar.
Family pet or show dog? This book is indispensable.


Get detailed information on grooming and caring for your Coton de Tuléar from a world leading expert:

  • Which brushes, combs, shampoos, etc. to use
  • How to wash and blow-dry your Coton de Tuléar
  • How to groom your Coton de Tuléar - Step by step
  • How to manage tangles and a discolored coat
  • and much more!!


Get those secrets from grooming expert Brigitte Jespersen herself. She is twice World Champion with Bahiya in 2009 and 2011.


Now you can learn to groom your Coton de Tuléar like an expert. Not only will its coat look so much better, it will also take a lot longer before it gets tangled again.









Coton de Tuléar Watchdog Sign

Coton de Tuléar sign

Made in America!!   Coton de Tuléar Watchdog sign is 9" x 12" and made of quality aluminum which will not rust.  This is a fun and collectible item for the Coton de Tuléar fancier.  


Mounting Tips:  We suggest mounting outdoor signs with aluminum bolts, screws or nails.  This will keep the face of your pretty sign free of rusty streaks.  Posts are not included.





Coton de Tuléar sign is copyright protected by the manufacturer.








Coton de Tuléar Calendar

Coton de Tuléar calendar

The American Coton Club creates an annual, beautiful, full color 11" x 17" wall calendar for Coton lovers around the globe. The calendar features twelve months of stunning photographs showcasing Cotons from around the world depicting the beauty and charm of the Rare Breed Coton de Tuléar®. This is a must-have item for Coton owners and fanciers! You will see the Coton de Tuléar breed as a versatile, wonderful and unique dog capable of everything from being a great family companion, to competing in agility, swimming with the family and conformation show dog.


The American Coton Club is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization and proceeds from calendar sales support health testing and educational programs for the Coton de Tuléar. The Coton de Tuléar Calendar is the perfect gift for Coton lovers!!


In addition to lovely Coton photos shown on the main calendar pages, there are also many more Coton photos throughout each month!


Click the "Buy Now" button to order your 2019 Coton de Tuléar Calendar today!  Free shipping!






The Coton de Tuléar calendar is copyright protected by the American Coton Club. Individual photos used in the calendar remain under the copyright protection of the owners who submitted the photos.