Code of Ethics

American Coton Club Breeders Code of Ethics

Purpose:  An American Coton Club Code of Ethics Breeder will preserve and protect the Rare Breed Coton de Tuléar in any way possible. They will study and cooperate with other Coton de Tuléar breeders and canine health related organizations in any way that is beneficial to the Coton de Tuléar breed.

Breeding: Each Code of Ethics Breeder will breed each litter with the intention of preserving the Coton de Tuléar, by selecting their stud dogs and brood bitches with an eye to temperament, health and conformation. The FCI Coton de Tuléar Standard will be taken into consideration with each breeding. All Cotons that are bred should be physically and mentally mature at the time of breeding. Dogs with serious defects, genetic diseases or disqualifying factors shall not be bred. All Cotons bred and sold by each American Coton Club breeder will go forth with a health guarantee. Each American Coton Club breeder shall consult with their veterinarian about health, breeding and testing. Breeding outside one’s own kennel should involve a careful selection process involving pedigree analysis as well as assessment of conformation and health. American Coton Club COE Breeders must ensure both sire and dam meet the American Coton Club Health Testing Policy.

Registration: American Coton Club COE breeders are required to register their Cotons and litters with the American Coton Club, and to register their breedable dogs as Breedable Quality after submission of health test results after reaching one year of age. All offspring produced shall be registered with the American Coton Club and shall have American Coton Club health test certified parents.

Care of Coton Dogs: All Coton Dogs in each breeder’s care shall be housed and cared for in a sanitary manner that will maintain the dog’s optimum health. Fresh water and food will be provided, the Coton will live in an area that is kept at the appropriate temperature and all Cotons will be furnished an exercise area.

Sale and/or Placement of Coton Dogs: All Coton puppies sold or placed by breeders will be done with a sales contract. All registrations shall be accompanied by a three generation pedigree to new buyer upon proof of compliance to a spay/neuter sales contract. Puppies shall be openly and honestly evaluated. Puppies should be at least 8 weeks of age, 10 weeks is preferred, when placed in their new homes. Homes will be chosen with absolute discrimination and proper screening. American Coton Club Coton de Tuléar will not knowingly be sold to pet shops or puppy mills nor will they be supplied for raffles, auctions or any other such project. American Coton Club Breeders will not place animals into experimental programs.

All American Coton Club breeders will stand behind all Coton puppies produced for the entire life of the Coton. All American Coton Club breeders have high integrity and demonstrate that trait in all aspects of their breeding program.

The Code of Ethics of the American Coton Club is intended as a guide to their breeding programs. It is not to be confused with a "regulation or law". All breeders are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times.

The American Coton Club does not "certify" breeders. The American Coton Club breeders list is not an endorsement, it is an organized tool to help the public locate an American Coton Club Code of Ethics Breeder. All American Coton Club breeders will stand behind all Coton puppies produced for the entire life of the Coton.

Please visit the American Coton Club Breeders List to find a Coton de Tuléar breeder who meets or exceeds the American Coton Club Code of Ethics.

American Coton Club Code of Ethics Breeder Requirements

1. Register adult dogs with the American Coton Club.

2. Register all litters with the American Coton Club.

3. Register all Provisional/Show puppies in the litter with American Coton Club and either register companion puppies or work with the owners to encourage all puppies in the litter are registered.

4. Assume responsibility for ensuring those sold as "Provisional/Show" puppies are health tested and have health tests on file with the American Coton Club at or after one year of age.

5. Pay a $100 yearly fee to support the American Coton Club.

6. Display prominently an active link to the American Coton Club web site on your own web site.

7. Participate in relevant discussions that may arise on the American Coton Club Breeders Forum.

8. Participate in developing a standard of excellence for sales contracts which have provisions for mandatory health testing by the owner for all "Provisional/Show" puppies, provisions for taking the dog back at any time in its life if the owner is not longer able to care for him/her, and goes beyond a health guarantee sometimes seen in the contracts of Coton breeders which offers to replace the puppy or the purchase price only if the puppy is returned.

9. Honor all contracts whether as a buyer or seller - treat other breeders and puppy buyers with respect.

10. Place an American Coton Club brochure with every puppy buyer and advise them to join American Coton Club to remain abreast of the latest news and information regarding the dogs.

11. Promote the American Coton Club as the Coton club of choice at every opportunity.

12. A novice breeder with the help of an American Coton Club COE Mentor evaluating the litter, may sell a Provisional/Show puppy. At one year of age, any Provisional/Show puppy is to be reevaluated as to the puppy's potential for Breedable status.

13. Novices are expected to seek the advice and assistance of their assigned more experienced mentor breeder. American Coton Club Mentors will share for the good of the breed, the benefits of their knowledge to assist and guide the novice with any of their concerns.

If you would like to join the American Coton Club and become a Code of Ethics breeder please read about the American Coton Club COE Application process here: Understanding the American Coton Club COE Breeder Application Process


American Coton Club Code of Ethics Breeders:

Ensure all the dogs under their care are treated as well loved pets with the same freedom and opportunity to be companion dogs.

Act with exceptional integrity. They say what they mean and do what they say. They stand behind their contracts and do whatever is necessary for the well being of their dogs.

Have a personal code of ethics that may extend beyond the code of ethics set forth by the American Coton Club.

Work together with the Coton Community for the genetic health and development of the Coton de Tuléar breed, as well as maintain the health of their dogs.

Preserve the genetic health of the Coton de Tuléar.

Produce beautiful and well mannered puppies while maintaining a viable and vibrant gene pool.

Commit to health testing their Cotons on a regular basis, including a CERF examination at least every two years.

Commit to becoming better breeders and strive to continue their education as a breeder.

Provide lifetime support for their puppies and puppy buyers.

Find the best homes for their puppies.

Stand behind their puppies and contract for the life of the dog.

Provide the best possible socialization and care for their puppies to ensure a wonderful start in life.

Take primary responsibility for re-homing any dogs they place if the need arises.

Provide the best possible care to new litters which includes socialization.