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It is expected that all American Coton Club breeders will guide their puppy buyers most extensively through the first year to answer all questions and give advice, and are always there for their buyers throughout the life of the dog if needed. Those who sell potentially breedable puppies which are to be eventually bred face a far greater responsibility to help guide the novice breeder for as long as necessary to ensure proper grading and placement of puppies.
In addition, the American Coton Club has begun a formal Mentor program for experienced breeders who gain satisfaction in helping new breeders or owners. Mentoring is not for everyone, and it is a huge responsibility. But we think you will find that it offers great satisfaction and great rewards.


What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is someone who is willing to share their expertise and wisdom with novice Coton breeders, and owners. An American Coton Club qualified mentor must be an experienced American Coton Club COE breeder who is knowledgeable, has a positive attitude, and can provide a wealth of breed, breeding, and health related information to a novice breeder. Mentoring is one of the highest responsibilities held by breed "experts" to help new people learn about a breed, whether the people being mentored are newcomers to the breed or have been involved but feel they could use some mentoring.

Mentors are on call 24 hours a day for emergency situations. They are available to provide telephone advice and consultation for the first time breeder or owner as necessary, and answer questions about any breeding or health related problems.
Mentors know the breed standard and can readily judge the quality of a particular dog. They aid in evaluating the first litter and helping place the puppies.
Mentors serve as examples of behavior to all. It is important not to be caustic about our fellow competitor and negative about others' dogs, and particularly not to belittle other breeders or their dogs.

Mentors have a responsibility to the fancy to conduct themselves according to the highest standards of sportsmanship. Mentors should serve as examples to all, and gain satisfaction in helping the novice breeder or owner. Mentors should encourage breeders to think for themselves.

American Coton Club qualified Mentors will be honored on the American Coton Club Breeders Page.
Your responses to the questions on the Mentor Application will help you and the Board determine if you are one who can contribute to the growth of the breed in this way. If you feel you would like to contribute your experience and help mentor new breeders please fill out the American Coton Club online Mentor Application


American Coton Club Breeder Mentors:


   ACC Breeder Mentor   Michelle Miller


   ACC Breeder Mentor   Aisha Cameron


   ACC Breeder Mentor   Coreen Savikko